Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Shop

What are means of payment?
Paypal account
Payment via credit card (secured online payment)

How much are postal charges?
Shipping fees are included in price.

Are CD taken back or exchanged?

In my order, some CD are not wrapped, why?
The CD which we receive are sent as they are by record companies. Some are not wrapped, but all CD sold by ASYLUM RUINS are new.


Record company ASYLUM RUINS

How to be signed at ASYLUM RUINS?
Send us a recording and a brief biography. ASYLUM RUINS signs few bands because it is a small structure.

How to be distributed by ASYLUM RUINS?
Same answer.

Does ASYLUM RUINS do trade?
Yes. Contact us.


General points

Is there an ASYLUM RUINS shop?
No, ASYLUM RUINS does only mail-order selling.

Is ASYLUM RUINS liable to the VAT?
No, because ASYLUM RUINS is a micro-company (TVA non applicable, art 293B du CGI).